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My appeal for closer co-operation with the Planning Department of Llanelli Borough Council following the Pembrey Saltings Development proposals appears to have been respected. The society has recently been consulted on several matters, the most significant of which is the South Llanelli Action Area Local Plan. The major part of this plan, which presents three alternative levels of development for the area between Sandy and Machynys, falls outside the remit of the society as very little natural history interest is involved. However, a small area, centered on the Machynys ponds, is of important conservation value being a remnant of the extensive dune system which formerly made up the Machynys peninsula before the Industrial Revolution. Though obviously suffering from the derelict and blighted character general of the area, the habitat supports a rich avifauna and is outstanding in a botanical sense. Several scarce wetland plants occur here including the only Carmarthenshire population of Ivy-leaved Duckweed (Lemna trisulca), first recorded here by the Swansea naturalist, James Motley, in about 1850.

Whilst it must be conceded that the whole area is sorely in need of redevelopment, it would be very gratifying if this important small site could be incorporated into the plan as a conservation area or at least an open space for recreation, which would leave the habitat largely untouched. Formal observations on the proposals will he made by the society to the Planning Department in due course.

I appeal to you to be particularly generous at the Christmas Bring and Buy .Auction and Social on 13th December as all proceeds will be put towards an important new local nature reserve purchase, about which I hope 'o be able to disclose details in the New Year.

It just remains for me to wish you all a Happy Christmas and to hope for a harmonious and rewarding 1985.

R.D. Pryce 26 November 1984