Throughout the year there was a varied and, I hope, interesting selection of walks covering a range of habitats and topics. I urge everyone to try their hand at writing a report of a field meeting as different writing styles and perspectives make for a more engaging newsletter and the process is an excellent way of learning and remembering species. You might even try to search for the Latin names and memorise them along with the accepted English or Welsh ones, but if this seems a step too far, don’t let this deter you from attempting a report as help is always at hand to correct identification and naming at the editing stage.

You might ask what value these reports and the newsletter have but a glance at past newsletters on our website, (and here we must thank Mark Newton for his tireless efforts), shows what a unique scientific and social record it can be. It reveals a snapshot of concerns and priorities at the time, gives a benchmark from which changes may be assessed and is a reminder of members who are no longer with us. Let us further improve what has always been well‐produced, interesting and scientifically valuable document and which is a pleasure to read.

Andrew Stevens, 17th February 2012