Recent family illness and bereavement has meant the delay in the production of this Newsletter, for which Kath and I apologize. 

Just before Christmas, a new book, “A Long Mile”, was published by Carmarthenshire County Council on the history of Pwll, edited by Jon Gower.  I congratulate all the contributors as it includes fascinating texts on the development of the village such as its past industry and businesses, social life, religion and customs.  My only regret is that the chapter on the natural-history is not more comprehensive and contains some rather out-of-date information.  More could have been said to promote the conservation of biodiversity which seems to be very low on most people’s agendas nowadays rather than the text drifting-off into reflections of rabbit and bird hunting which would have been better included elsewhere in the book.  Jon’s formative years included many hours in company with the Llanelli Naturalists, particularly at Moat Farm, Llandyry, where Mr & Mrs Tallowin, the Society’s founders lived and encouraged younger members to take part in youth-hostelling, bird-watching and similar outdoor activity.  But I suppose we should be grateful: other similar recently published works, including those on Bronwydd, Llanpumsaint and Llanarthne, are limited to local history and reflections and don’t include anything at all on natural history!   But all are outstanding works and well worth reading or just dipping-into.

We have already enjoyed our first meeting of the year – a most informative and well illustrated talk on the Flora of the Scilly Isles, given by one of our most committed members, Tony Lewis.   A comprehensive programme of meetings has been arranged for the rest of the year and into 2006 including several field-meetings giving the opportunity for species recording and site monitoring whilst indoor meetings provide a forum for teaching and discussion. 

May I wish you all a Happy New Year and I look forward to seeing you again in the near future.