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Despite a couple of cold days which resulted in snow accumulating on the Black Mountain and Carmarthen Fan on November fifth, this autumn has been exceptionally mild - not to mention wet, resulting in Primroses in flower near Llangyndeyrn on October 5th, Winter Helliotrope at Meinciau on November 12 and most unusually two Celandine flowers, admittedly rather weather beaten, on the banks of our fart drive on November 20th. No doubt other members, particularly the ornithologists, have seen signs of our wildlife being deceived into thinking spring is here!

For the second year running Dr. Jones’ Fungus Foray was plagued by heavy rain. This time he very sensibly cancelled it, no doubt remembering the soaking those in attendance had last year. Three very interesting indoor meetings have been held since the last newsletter. Mr Ian Mime gave a most enjoyable lecture on the work of the Neath and Tennant Canals Preservation Society Ltd., to a capacity “crowd” on September 9th when the copiously illustrated history of the canals was revealed showing them in their heyday, followed by their decline and fall into disuse and resurrection into a subject of immense amenity value for the Neath area. On October 14th, Mr David Saunders, Conservation/Admin. Officer of the West Wales Naturalists’ Trust, author and member of the Operation Seafarer Team, gave a slide show comprising an itinerary of the Trust’s reserves in Dyfed and outlining the contribution trust members have made to nature conservation over the years. The most recent meeting on November 11th was an absolutely superb audio-visual presentation given by Mr D.K.H. Martin, F.R.P.S. on the insect life of various sites in Glamorgan. His macro-photography was out of this world and what most impressed me was the sharpness and clarity of his subjects, and his knowledge, largely attained by trial and error, of this branch of photography.

The next meeting, of course, on Thursday December 9th at the Y.W.C.A. is the Christmas Bring and Buy Auction and Quiz. The prizes have been donated by Mr Nigel Stringer, last year’s winner. Please be generous with your contributions: sandwiches and cakes will be very welcome for consumption by those present and any excess will be auctioned with the Bring and Buy goods. The money raised will go towards the cost of clearing the boundary ditch at Ffrwd Fen Nature Reserve, completed last summer.

May I remind any member who has yet to pay his or her annual subscription that the due date was January 1st. You will agree that the time for settlement is well overdue - why not take the opportunity to pay your 1982 and 1983 subscriptions together? Remember that subscription rates have remained unchanged for a good many years and represent excellent value. Please send payments to Mrs. D. Hopkins, Hon. Treasurer. (Rates are ordinary member £1, Family £1 .50, Junior, Student and O.A.P. 50p.)

Finally, may I wish you all a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.