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I was all set to sing the praises of Llanelli Borough Council's efforts in their resolve to reclaim and improve the town's eye-sores until my attention was drawn to the minutes of the Council meeting of 11th February 1988, publicised in a recent issue of The Llanelli Advertiser. I had hoped that the local authority had seen the environmental light and was now taking a new-found, responsible attitude to the Borough's environment in their clearing and remodelling of the Duport site, the improvements to the Machynys area, the dropping of development plans at Pembrey Saltings and the encouragement of the esablishment of the Penclacwydd Wildfowl Trust reserve. I was prepared to cast a blind eye to the over-zealous tidying and unnecessary reseeding of, for instance, much of Pembrey Country Park, the North Dock area and Old Castle Pond but my rather shaky confidence was shattered by the recent report.

The Borough Planning Officer introduced the following item under 'Any Other Business' at the February 11th meeting:

He reminded members of the original plans for Pembrey Saltings and Burrows including holiday village and recreation lake for which they had deemed the authority planning consent in August 1983. He stated that the consents were due to expire (in August) and in order to secure then for the future, there was need to show that the works had started. He invited the committee to consider the expediency of excavating the lake and depositing the spoil to form the foundation for the holiday village area. It was resolved that authorisation to carry out the prescribed works be granted in order to protect the 1983 Deemed Consents.

This item did not appear on the agenda before the meeting was convened and therefore it did not become generally known that the issue had been discussed, let alone the resolution passed, until the minutes were deposited in the library following the next month's meeting. However, more recently we read that the Welsh Office is considering the revocation of the original consents and if the final decision by the Secretary of State goes against the council then they may be asked to restore the Burrows to their former wild condition.

The council still deserves to be congratulated on its efforts elsewhere in the borough, but events at Pembrey only refuel potential conflict and certainly leave a bad taste in the mouth.

As recorded in the minutes of the Llanelli Naturalists Annual General Meeting below, this issue of the Newsletter is the first to employ the new A5 format which I hope will help to alleviate the production problems encountered recently. Also, the number of issues published each year will be reduced to only two but the intention is that the number of articles in each be increased so that in effect two of the old style will equate with one of the new. Contributions for future editions are always welcome, both written articles and artwork: the interest of the publication is enhanced if more people become involved and it also relieves the pressure on Ian Morgan and myself in finding copy to fill the space. I am grateful to Mark Williams for providing the drawings of Lapwings and Oystercatchers and Ringed Plovers.

The customary reminder for those of you who still have not paid your annual subscription to the Hon.Treasurer is printed below.

The programme appears on the back cover for your convenience. It covers the period up to March 1989 and includes a variety of both outdoor and indoor meetings which I hope will be of interest to you. Please make the effort to attend.

May I conclude by hoping that all of you have an enjoyable and fruitful field season and don't forget to put pen to paper for the next Newsletter in time to appear before Christmas.