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Wax Moth, Llangennech © Kath PryceLlanelli Naturalists Newsletter - November 2005 - No 72
Kath Pryce

During the year Ian Morgan offered to lend us a moth trap which was spare, so that we could use it and boost the records (slightly) in our spare(!) time.  As we are inexpert at moth identification we asked Barry to help (at Llangennech) and he drew our attention to some Greater Wax Moths (which turned out to be the first county record).  However, I had photographed one resting on our settee a couple of days previously, in complete ignorance of its identity.  This moth is a parasite of honey bee nests and as we have a nest in our wall/roof space which has been established for a number of years, we assume they came from that, which is not good news for the bees.  We found it unlikely that this was the first record in the county as we would expect them to have been found in bee-keeper’s hives from time to time and speaking to friends whose father kept bees at Bynea they remember him mentioning Wax Moths in the years following the Second World War.  We photographed as many species in the trap as possible and I was particularly impressed with the Swallowtail Moth.

The second time we ran the trap we just photographed as many as possible and emailed the photos to Barry who identified them.  A couple of species would not have been recorded had it not been for the cat, who unusually, stayed out until the early hours, when I arose to let her in and took the opportunity of photographing the species on the house walls near the trap, which had dispersed by the time we opened the trap in the morning!