On April 2nd 2011 we went to Carmel Woods where Daphne mezereum has been known for about thirty years, although neither of us had ever seen it in Carmarthenshire. We found two plants but no flowers as it was too late in the season. In the immediate vicinity were masses of Wood anemones Anemone nemorosa in flower and Lily‐of‐the‐valley Convallaria majalis which would soon be in flower. On 23rd April we returned to the site hoping to see the Lily‐of‐the valley in flower, which some of it was (see photo on cover) with some in bud but also many blind plants just having leaves – all beautiful. The same two Daphne plants were again seen but we were very pleased to find an additional bush in a different block of woodland, which had evidently flowered well earlier in the year as it had many unripe green berries – about 80 to 100. All three bushes grow in quite close proximity to mature Yew Taxus baccata trees in hazel coppice on thin soil between limestone outcrops. A mental note was made to revisit the site very early in 2012 to see Daphne in flower which we did on 19th February. We could only find two of the three plants. The woodland had yet to show many signs of spring – only one Lesser Celandine flower and a few Primroses were seen despite plants near the coast at Llanelli being very much more advanced. The two Daphne plants were little more than bare twigs with only a few buds showing any sign of expanding. But we live in hope and will revisit in another couple of weeks to see if any flowers appear on this shy early flowerer, this year.