The meeting was held at Llanerch Hall, Corporation Road, Llanelli at 7:30pm on 8th February 2012 PRESENT: Mrs Kath Pryce (Chairman), Mr Andrew Stevens (Secretary) and eleven voting members.

APOLOGIES were received from Mrs Pat Gill, Mrs Sue Matthews (Treasurer), Mrs Angela Radcliffe, Mrs Sandra Stewart, Dr Nigel Stringer and Mr Barry Stewart.

The MINUTES of the 2011 Annual General Meeting were adopted and signed without amendment after being proposed by Mr R.D. Pryce and seconded by Mrs Edith Jones.

MATTERS ARISING: There were no matters arising which did not already appear on the agenda.

CHAIRMAN’S STATEMENT: The Chairman welcomed all those present to this, the 38th, AGM of the Llanelli Naturalists and went on to commend the quality of the meetings that we had enjoyed during 2011 which included Mike Jenkins’ extremely enlightening talk on freshwater fish, Natasha De Vere’s research on Meadow Thistle Cirsium dissectum, Lindsey Rendle’s concerns over the planning problems caused by the Marsh Fritillary butterfly and Rob Hunt’s overview of Carmarthenshire’s avifauna. Outdoor meetings had been equally varied including visits to several different habitats, farm walks and fungus forays. Many meetings are written‐up elsewhere in this Newsletter. She commended Mrs Pat Gill for organising the Llanelli Naturalists’ sponsorship of a small prize for a young‐persons’ class for a painting or drawing on a natural history subject at the Llanedi Agricultural Show. This had attracted a good number of entries and had resulted in much interest and promoted awareness of wildlife locally. It is hoped to repeat this success in 2012. The Chairman concluded by thanking all the Society’s officers, committee and members for their hard work and support and, in particular, Edith Jones who, without fail, supplies all the refreshments at meetings and continues to refuse to take any reimbursement.

SECRETARY’S REPORT: The Secretary opened by thanking the Chairman for her Statement and continued by echoing her comments. He was sad to report the death during the year of both Frank Webb and Tony Jenkins. Frank was a long‐standing member who served for a considerable period on the committee as well as performing the duties of the Society’s Chairman. Tony was a local ornithologist as well as working, before his retirement, for CCW. [Appreciations appear elsewhere in this Newsletter]. The Secretary went on to say that the committee tries to get an interesting range of speakers but appealed to members to put forward ideas for meetings, both indoor and outdoor. He also appealed for participants to offer to write‐up meetings as, at present, it seems to fall to just a few members, to whom he expressed thanks and gratitude. In his experience, writing forces one to think about the topic and results in learning and retaining much more than would otherwise be the case! He concluded by also thanking the officers and committee for their continuing stirling work but especially thanked all members and supporters for their continued enthusiasm, without whom the Society could not function.

TREASURER'S REPORT: In the absence of the Honourary Treasurer, the accounts were presented by Richard Pryce, and were received and adopted by those present having been proposed by Mrs Edith Jones and seconded by Dr Philip Jones. They are printed below. The paid‐up membership continues to be about 65 with 10 complimentary. Several new members had joined during the year.


Receipts £ Payments £

Subscriptions 130.00 Hire of Llanerch Hall

Donations 81.50 3 meetings @ £11.47 34.41

Payments for Bulletin No.9 10.00 3 meetings @ £12.00 36.00

Sale of calendars 10.00 Insurance premium 153.51

Wayleave receipts 25.33 Secretary’s honorarium 52.00

Interest 1.96 Awards for Llanedi Show 27.95

Correction for 2010 accounts 43.52

Total Receipts 302.31 Total Payments 303.87

Excess Payments over Receipts ‐1.56


Assets as at 31st December 2011 Assets as at 31st December 2010

Cash in Hand 13.05 Cash 41.00

Bank 747.23 Bank 722.80

TSB Savings account 1,961.79 TSB Savings account 1,959.83

Total assets 2,722.07 Total assets 2,723.63

Includes £245 bequeathed by Tony Lewis to be put towards the publication of the Carmarthenshire Flora

Assets retained for the Society’s own use 2.9 acres of land at Ffrwd Fen SSSI

Less excess of payments over receipts ‐1.56

Equals bank & cash as at 31/12/11 2,722.07

Examined and found correct:

Honourary Treasurer: (signed) S. Matthews

Honourary Examiner: (signed) S.J. Stewart

SUBSCRIPTION RATES: Although no increase of subscriptions was thought necessary this year it was proposed and agreed that should an increase be required, changes would be implemented by the Committee on the advice of the Treasurer in January 2013.


Ffrwd Fen: Dr P.A. Jones reported that Dr Lizzie Wilberforce of the Wildlife Trust for South and West Wales continued to undertake management work both on Trust land and on the Society’s land, for which Naturalists’ members are very appreciative. Lizzie is now a member of the Llanelli Naturalists’ committee which facilitates greater liaison regarding work on the reserve. The Marsh Pea continues to flourish and 2011 was one of its most prolific years, it having spread into the western corner of the Waun Cae Phillip field. The Marsh Honey Fungus was also recorded. Andrew Stevens had again cut the drier areas and topped the rushes. Fencing had been carried out by the Trust during the year and is continuing. Lizzie has secured funding to build a short board‐walk at the northern corner which will connect the canal‐path to the currently overgrown pond and will give visitors a flavour of being in the centre of the reedbed. Dr Jones suggested that the Society includes a visit to Ffrwd in the 2011 field meeting programme and a weekday evening was agreed by those present. He concluded by appealing for another member to take over as Hon. Warden and Andrew Stevens willingly volunteered. Dr Jones was thanked by those present for his excellent work over the years and expressed their gratitude to Andrew who would be a capable and knowledgeable replacement.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS AND COMMITTEE MEMBERS: The following Officers were elected unopposed: Mrs Kath Pryce (Chairman), Mrs Pat Gill (Vice‐chairman), Mr Andrew Stevens (Secretary), Mrs Sue Matthews (Treasurer). Committee Members: Mrs Angela Radcliffe, Mrs Edith Jones, Dr Philip Jones, Dr Nigel Stringer, Messrs Simeon Jones, Ian Morgan, Richard Pryce and Mike Smith. Both the Chairman and Vice‐chairman were elected for the second year of their two‐year terms of office). Mrs Sandra Stewart was elected as Financial Examiner.

There was no OTHER BUSINESS.

The AGM closed at 8.00pm and was followed by a series of slides recalling some of the Llanelli Naturalists’ field‐meetings of 2010, given by Richard Pryce.

Andrew Stevens (Honourary Secretary)